By John Chizoba Vincent 6 months ago



Start living  and believing again.  Start longing and craving again. Renew your faith. Recreate yourself and allow new ideas flow into you. It is not easy anywhere and the maker of this universe never promised us an easy journey but what he did was to promise us a safe arrival. If only our stomach were transparent, you would have seen that many stomach have no food in them. You would have seen that some are actually going through pains in them. You would have seen that some drank garri last night and some are ashamed to be called stomach. When life feels unbearable to you, hang on and fight on with your problems until your lifesaver comes to rescue you. Is your life worth living? Yes. It is. There is a purpose to which you were created and this purpose, you must not let down because of the forces minted on you.


We are all part of these struggles. We are part of these cozy streets where demons seek for exploration of humanity. When we drag off the upper layers of our immediate body and watch our skins under the sun, then, the scares wouldn't let us sleep again. Life is bias, a tidy on the first way of tribulations and digging into different layers of this and remembering the same hand that cracked our bones under the face of our circumstances, are the same hands holding our glory, nothing can be so pathetic as this, nothing; perhaps the current of our anger may drown them all. When the sack clothes that forever remind us of torments are kept at the top corner of our dreams, nothing good would ever sprout out of our situations. So, the ability to channel our dying hope into the soul of our dreams return favour to us. Perhaps, life visibility is not principal to our torment here. Maybe, this journey has two phases but only courageous mind may return after one phase is face out.


The fact that the millipede has more than a hundred legs does not mean that he is a great runner. When life becomes unbearable to you and you don't know what to do again, please, get needed rest. Don't work yourself out always. You can confide in some people that you trust. Discuss your feelings with them and try everything possible to learn how to comfort and console yourself and look ahead for  a better times when everything may work out for you, if not all but some. Look ahead for better times when everything will work in your favour. It might be now, tomorrow or in the nearest future but never lose hope because things are not working to your plan. Sometimes, learn to relax and take a fresh air. Take courage to face your fears eyebal to eyeball. 


Pray for yourself. Pray. A dog cannot know for certain that there is a deep miry pool at the end of the path and knowingly plunge into it to drown. Life is a gun, it fires differently with situations so familiar and unconditional, when these situations in their facades present themselves, wear hope like Bangles around your neck. No one sees fire and throws himself in it; no one. In those clothes worn over our body, we feel the warm and the fabrics smothering our bodies into perfect being. Learn to  detach yourself from fear that sometimes rob souls off their joy and peace.


There are times I feel like I'm no longer comfortable living in my body, what I do mostly is to take a walk;  listen to music and watch the birds of the air fly. I watch them sing of hope and survival with soo much joy. I watch them in flight, hope alive and struggles, forgotten.  Master the properties life and wait for fate to Grace your soul. When life becomes unbearable, don't give up. Keep keeping on there is always something to live for and die for. The fact that a man has been given some hope does not mean that what was broken has been mended.


©John Chizoba Vincent


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