By Whitney Wetosi 12 months ago

Baby ,we would have missed each other

The two strips on the test kit

Took me aback ,shattering my world

I wanted not to be a mother .

The endless parties ,the escapades

Would all end ,as I would be bundled

By a baby ,a baby I didnt want .


Baby ,we would have missed each other

The loud voice told me to end it all

But a soft voice within me

Whispered ,albeit too slowly

Life is sacred .

From then on ,I fell in love with you

As you grew within me

Each moment I felt the flutters ,movements and rolls you made

I knew I had made the right choice

I had saved a life .


Baby ,we would have missed each other

Never would I have heard you shrieking

On a sunny day in the park

I would have missed wiping ice cream off your chubby face

Your shrieks of joy as you yelled ,Mama .

We would have missed each other

But we wont baby

You will not be born with a silver spoon in your mouth

But I will be there

To read you your first story

To tuck you into bed

I will be there ,to be your best friend to infinity

We wont miss each o0ther baby .

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