Voices, Night & Blues (Day Nine)

By Olabisi Akinwale 7 months ago

Voices, Night & Blues

Day 9


i do not want to tell you

love is a city with just the right side of God

or a feeling immune to fire


i do not want to tell you

the sound of your voice 

only fills the hollow in my bones


i do not want to tell you

dancing to the music of your love

is my body's way of floating on burning rivers


i do not want to tell you

your laughter is braided with the rainbows

my eyes wears after a tear(s)



sometimes our love will be appareled in the dark

but i will be here with you through the furnace

till we come out blue & golden again.


©  Olabisi Abiodun Akinwale

Undiluted Poet


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