Voice Of The Little Angels

By Jason Joshua chigozie 8 months ago

A minute of silence

For the long gone little angels

I guess you're in suspense

Who could these angels be?

Little babies weeping

But no one sees

They left from the land of the living

Yet life they didn’t see.

Eyes never opened

Ears weren't used

They never saw the sun

Or even the nurses.

Innocent children

Void of crimes and evil

Heart so pure as angels

Yet they never stayed.

After the pangs of labor

We hoped for a treasure

But there was no favor

Death did the seizure.

After premarital sex

She still didn’t value this angel

Pills, potions and surgeries

Just to be sure an angel never lived.

Superstitious and fetish beliefs

An angel who finally saw daylight

Now dies of witchcraft he knew nothing about

Had to kill an angel for a spirit to flee.

The aborted,

The stillborn,

The one accused of witchcraft

Cries daily for life they were deprived of.

 Jason Joshua.

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