If I Die

By Frank Olunga Khange 3 months ago

If I die


If I die,

Let it be in March,

Twenty ninth on my birthday,

If I die,

Let it be on a Friday,

People should not mourn,

Because I will come back again,

If I die,

My ex should dig my grave,

And carry my body.


If I die,

I should be buried quickly,

In my casket they must include a book and a pen,

So that I could write poems in heaven,

If I die,

They should not cook food for the mourners,

I wish my funeral to be remembered.


If I die,

My friends should dance with my coffin,

And people should not send condolence notes,

If I die,

I should be buried on the door step,

Where people will pass over me daily,

If I die,

My girlfriend should not be present,


If I die,

At least I have said my last wish,

And people should obey 

Or I will hunt them day and night,

So if I die.




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