Vain Glory

By Loretta Robertz 7 months ago

I am young, I am beautiful my skin is glowing, I am in my own terms of glory. 

I am strong, I make them turn up, I am the king of the streets I run the town, I am an aspiring member of the merry men. 

I can manipulate my result I don't need to toil,  I'm a master in this, just my beauty can take me wherever I need to be.  I am actually enjoying my youthful glow. 

I am proud and tall so I attract what I need, I suck drain the pocket of men.

If they are drained, I flee. I was born to get the best gift, outside this there is no gift. 

I live in fantasy, I build my fairytale. You have to adore me or you are out of my game. 

Silver and gold I do not have but every single thing you have I am tagged in it. 

Why will I lay my bed 

When I sleep in a hotel

Why will  I wash my hand to eat 

When I now use cutleries 

Why will I make store for the future

When I can demand from others

Why will I stay awake just to work

When I ball all night

While will I build my own home

When I am planning to take yours

I don't need those stress, I blah it soft its my work. 

I don't need brain, my beauty and strength can take me there

I will dance to your tune to get my need. I will tackle as far as my feet can go, that's my domain. I am fast and fierce I always settle in. 

After much winter and summer,  some decades have passed now, my skin is wrinkled,  my feet is weak.

I have nothing to show for my beauty, no proof that I have lived.

Nothing saved out of my reckless life.

My beauty is no more, now I only attract the grave  and no one to look up to while taking my last breath. 

My hips have gone narrow, my glowing skin is so dull, my womb is dead. 

I just remembered I never conceived anything positive including an offspring, virtually nothing produced. 

Was just an empty space in mother nature, a disgrace to humanity. 

I was born an angel but died as a slave.  

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