By Dada Adetomiwa 22 months ago


verge I: The wind came rushing

The wind came rushing,
from the Living sea,
sand recoiling,
the alapandẹdẹ soul stood still,
behind compelling sound

It came,
with his hush,
to lift the soul a-foot,
but the alapandẹdẹ soul numb; slit to breathe,
envelope in his Phlegm

The wind came,
awake!,awake! he came,
but the alapandẹdẹ soul slept on.
never rehearsed,
the souls in the firmament above

verge II: He acts of act

He acts of act,
as he descend,
in ascent of act,
of penny feathers of wind,
scene of durst his act

he meek before his shearer,
dumb as he writes,
writing of acts of act

The knight held palmar,
the bishop-pawn not excluded,
where art thou alapandẹdẹ soul?
for the act is written

souls are writing the act of acts,
for the jungle awaken,
the grove,
to breathe upon

verge III: For he was maimed

For he was maimed,
amidst the fain,
beaten by the touch of sun,
serpents of the mountain,
eagles of the air

He his a cony,
feeble in deeds,
wriggled on asphalt,
scorpion on his thigh,
with no word he leap

he groan; he whispered,
of his doggedness

Alas!,the locusts came,
connive with platoon of ant,
his heel bleats
for the raven will come:
to feed; to pick bones

verge IV: In his mouth wisdom

In his mouth,
wine of proverbs,
sage tone weigh in his belly,
fold scores of understanding,
Yet the sun arose not!

On his lip,
gift to secrets,
cornered by scarlet of counsel,
Arrow and band of fire,
Yet the sun arose not!

his pricked hands,
pledge his versatility,
sweet tone of maim,
heavy his dross,
won't the sun rise?!

verge V: Lift him up

Lift him up,
the comforter,
to tell,
what he: the soul saw,
to tell the story,
for the sun arose

Lead him up,
above the mountain sides,
to gazed at the rush of wind,
to use his alapandẹdẹ voice,
to file messages

Let him see,
the spoken wind of gold,
in picture of silver,
for dross is off

Listen to the tempo,
the floating sounds,
for: Philo pneuma thanatos apo olous,
for the sun is risen!,
uncommon phenomenal.

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