Unleash The Me Inside

By Chinonyerem Great Ikedichukwu 4 months ago

Fired by the guns akin to this realm

elevated by the arsenal's of terror

The pains 'focates deep to stir error

In my soul I commute to whelm

My sorrows


Men long for the glory

That tarries next to my history

Not just the beauty

But the prettyfilthiness in my Grace

Long ago I was stricken with higher energies

Now lost my pretty experience


The height I seek

Desire the runs I fleet pondering

The energies in me can not contain me

Directed towards the tournament of life

I became as though I was a ghee

Cooked with the very ideas of my mind

The world of the new

To differ amongst the chickens 

 the eagles

 That which hatches in me 

 If unleashed will consume the me in me

 What lies within me

 Builds embodiment of greatness

 Springing up alignment to my innateness

 That men ornate me for ever more

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