Unity In The Midst Of Chaos

By Adebimpe Owoseni (adebimpepenultimate) 14 months ago


I look around in tears of grief,

As human flesh submit to the wicked flames.

Helter skelter around me,

Houses burnt to ashes.

Breath ceases to live under the intense heat

Of inferno.


Deaths and cries of pains

Helplessness reigns supreme.


Yet! In the midst of the carnage,

Beauty found its way into the hearts of men.

Tribal hatred became history with only one song of survival.

I see Abdulkareem pulling Chukwudi to safety,

Putting aside their clans’ animosity.

Adewale shepherded the herdsmen to a less chaotic spot,

Forgetting his long-time oath of vengeance made years ago, 

For his precious farm they ruined at a go,

And his wife slaughtered like a goat,

All for their cows to feed on grass on and bloat.


Beauty lies in the eyes of harmony.

No more tribal war

No more religious contentions.

My mind was gladden to a fault 

When I see the beauty of love in this fiery chaos.

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