By Chukwuemeka Nneke 7 months ago

I. The city is a wicked place; filled with devils. Devils who change humans to beasts. Yes! They did so to my son. They stole him away from me, he hates me now.


II. Years of dolor, spiced with pain they were, as I strived to provide for Izu. Izu was all I had since his father's untimely passing. We were deserted by relatives, left to mourn our fate. I toiled day and night, just to make Izu feel equal to his mates. Maybe I toiled too hard, or my offspring couldn't remember the womb which brought him forth. If not, why would he treat me with such distaste?(sobs)


III. Izu used his own mother, a frail figure too scrubby to even pass for a shadow. He fed from my sweat, and drank from my blood, after which he kicked me to the dust. I hear he heads a large multinational in the country's capital, but here I am, with tears as my muse. Had I known, my widow's mite would have gone to charity, and not to the training of an ingrate.


Ah! Cursed be you, child, for the pain you've caused me. As I die and languish in this crummy hut, the gods shall avenge me.

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