Twenty- First Century Women

By Gloria Edukere 6 months ago

Globally, women make up a higher percentage of inhabitants in most countries, although a lower percentage of women are involved in nation building and societal affairs. Gender sensitive issues are advocated upon with both women and men, striving to strike a balance for better gender engagement in all sectors of an economy– in order to foster rapid nation building and strengthening. Africa, in the long run, has successively grown its women engagement in societal issues surrounding various nations spread across the continent. Unlimited access– in most cases– are granted interested women who in a bid to change the world , foster growth and impact positively in their communities; have taken responsibilities oftheir situation and in turn cleared the path for women empowerment, sensitization and education. This notwithstanding their status in the cultural level, has encouraged the uprising of women involvement in different affairs in various communities and the society at large. Men who were birthe... read more

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Gloria Edukere
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