True Identity

By Nnamani Grace 16 months ago

Episode 7

Vicky's eyes were black and teary. She bits her lips squeezing her phone tightly looking opposite her window...
Glory came into the room.
"Hey!" Glory was soft. . .
"I don't even know what to think. Or what to wish for" her voice sounded like she was in the verge of another pool of tears. "I wish, he had an accident or something very reasonable for not even calling to say he couldn't make it.... But I also don't wish he had an accident.... I don't want to hurt people with my thoughts. I don't even know why I my heart feel so heavy. I don't know..." Vicky started crying again. And this time, she was crying in Glory's shoulders.
"Mom, why do you do this?" Febe sounded perplexed.
"I can't let you start a relationship with just anyone"
"But it's my life!"
"Your life? I gave you that life. I raised you. I made you who you are right now".
"So, you own my life"
"Yeah, indirectly"
"Just the same way you own Dad's right?"
"Don't talk to me like that! I am your mother for crying out loud!"
"What kind of a woman are you? You underestimate every one. You think all you do is right! Cutting off Dad's family? Taking the title as the head of the family, making Dad your personal assistant? What kind of woman does that? "
"I won't let you insult me"
"I didn't insult you. I discovered that you take full control over one's life the minute you use your money on them. That's why I left you. And you send a spy after me? To know my relationship status and deprived me from whom I want to date? That's unfair! Please give me my phone!"
"After insulting me? That's the last thing I would do"
Febe sighs impatiently
"You know what? You can have the phone" Febe walked out.
"He've got some nerves" she twisted her lips. Then she looks at the man beside her. "You still haven't figured what he do to earn his money?"
"Not yet ma'am. I am working on it"
"You better hasten up... He is growing wings I don't like"
Vicky stood up from her bed the moment she saw Febe's shadow through his window. She went closer to her window.
Febe took off his shirts and sits on his bed. Then, he looked her window direction. She ducked.
Then, he looks away.
"He is looking fine" Vicky muttered. "He must have forgotten he had a date" she chuckled and went back to sit on her bed. Then she looked at her phone.
"Thank God I didn't go too far" she lay on her bed.
Vicky could hear her aunt's voice from her bedroom... Febe was in her house and Aunt Grace is doing thorough interrogation.
"You stood her up!" Aunt Grace flared up.
"I am really sorry about that but I didn't mean to"
"You have a good explanation?"
Febe was quiet.
"You don't have to lie. It is either you forgot about her or... You had to be with someone else whom you can't tell her about"
Febe was still quiet.
Vicky closes her eyes... She was in phone call with Glory.
"I don't know why she is making it look serious. It was going to be a first date. We haven't talked at length for aunt to act so serious"
Vicky looked back and front to before she stepped out of the house... She exhaled in relief and walked along the street then, Febe appeared in front of her.
"Hey" Febe said.
She just mumbled something that looked like "hi" and walked past him.
"Look I am really sorry" he follows her "something came up, I am serious I didn't forget" .
Vicky stopped walking. "What happened" she tried to stay calm. . .
Febe couldn't explain. "What? You can't say? What must have happened that made you not even call to say you won't be able to make it"
"I lost my phone"
"Good for you" Vicky increased her pace.
"Vicky, please"
"I don't know. You shouldn't be sorry. After all it was just a normal date right? I am not sad. Why would I be sad. I barely know you. So, I dont know why you are sounding so sorry as if you think we've known for long. To be sincere. I don't care about yesterday." Vicky walked away.
Febe frowns trying to force back in the huge lump in his throat that was making his lid teary with hot tears. He turned back and went home.
To be contd

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