True Identity

By Nnamani Grace 16 months ago


Vicky waved him goodbye, then she enters the compound and closed the door... Immediately, she was alone.... She let out a loud scream.
"Shut up" her aunt yelled in a sleep voice...
Vicky tiptoed to her room... She lay-bounced on the bed. And took a deep breathe. . . then she looked at the curtain. It was she closed like she left it yesterday.
Vicky was having bias thoughts of getting embarrassed but she acted as if she was intensely listening.
"...and as for last night, it was a coincidence."
Vicky's bias mind got interrupted immediately he mentioned 'last night'. She now listened.
"I was staring at pace, deep in thoughts not until you showed up at my view ...  It was all too sudden. I swear it wasn't intentional." He was almost pleading.
"Yeah, it is okay. Let's forget it happened"
"Thank you".
Vicky stood up and opened the curtains. She didn't see any one through Febe's window. She could only hear the instrumental he played. She smiled for a while and frowned.
"Oh my God, what am I doing, I feel like I am cheating on febs" she closed the curtains and played Feb's song.
When night fell, Febe went to his window... He smiled at Vicky's closed window and kept on smiling at the shadow he sees. . how Vicky practices stage performance. Then his cell phone rings.
"Hello" he picked
"Hello, I am calling from 22.5 Dream radio station, am I speaking with febs?"
"Yes. It is febs on the line, I have been expecting your call. I am up for the audio interview"
"Wow! We actually made Wednesday the date".
"Okay, I am cool with it" .
**hung up*
" I pray for direction lord." Febe prayed while he watched Vicky's shadow dance.

To be contd

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