True Identity

By Nnamani Grace 15 months ago

Episode 4

"It feels better when you all you care is me... It feels better when you love me.... It feels better when you realise that I am not perfect... Love me for who I am.... Mirror, my true identity" Vicky sings while she stares at Febe who sits on the stool opposite her playing the keyboard.
"How was it?" Vicky asked excitedly...
"How was what?" Febe sounded like he wasn't impressed.
"My singing of course" She grins wryly.
"It wasn't bad"
Vicky rolls her eyes. "You don't sound impressed".
"Guess what?" Febe stood up and went to sit with her on the sofa she sat... He sat closely
"What?" Vicky wasn't comfortable... She tries to blend but she could hardly breathe properly...
"I don't even know your name" Febe said looking closely at her....

Vicky felt disappointed at first but her uncomfort overruled it... She held her breathe in, scared that he might feel her warm air and it might be embarrassing.
"I am Victoria, everyone calls me Vicky" she finally says after battling with the thoughts of having embarrassing moment.
Feb smiles and raises his brow... Vicky's heart jumped when she saw his arc brow lifted... "Well, I am Febechukwu.... Call me Febe"
"It seems like you are this carefree type"
"What do you mean?" Vicky felt insulted
"No offense ... It is just rare for a girl to come over to a guy's place just like that"
Vicky stood up immediately, "I came because I wanted to practice with you... That is how deep my love for music is. But, if you are not okay with the fact I feel free with you, maybe you are trying to see things from a different perspective... I should be taking my leave".
Febe held her hand. "Don't go. I don't want you to go" he pulled her down to sit. "You.... It's quite amazing, you are the first girl I have ever seen that is as good as you. I mean, you have an amazing voice" he stressed the Amazing.
Vicky smiled...
"Are you planning on schooling in a music school? You could get scholarship" he suggested

"No, I am a future computer engineer" she grins
"You've got to be kidding me"
"No, I am not." Vicky felt more comfortable has time went on with Febe.... They talked in length till it was time for Vicky to leave....
"Okay, I think it is time to say our goodbyes for now" Febe said taking her hands.
Vicky blushed. She gave a soft laugh. "Yes" .
"I hope we do this often. Goodbye miss Vicky" Febe kissed her hands.
Vicky's heart fluttered.. "Sure. Bye" she was too eager to leave, so she could freely express her self without bothering of getting embarrased.
"You know what, I think I should be a gentle man and see you off to your gate"
Vicky almost scream out... Jeez! *He is just making things difficult for me. Why am I so sensitive anyway* ... She thought.
He took her hands and took her home...
To be fonts.
Sorry it took weeks.... Really sorry

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