True Identity

By Nnamani Grace 16 months ago

Episode 3
Vicky was on her way to the shop when someone stops her.
She looked back and it was the hot guy from yesterday.
Vicky smiles. "Wow! What are u doing here?" .
Febe smiles and it rang in his thoughts... *She didn't even realise it was me at the window yesterday. Thank God!*   "I live around"
"Really? Which house is yours?"
"That house!" Febe pointed at his house... And suddenly his smiles fade... Shit!
Vicky turns to see the house he pointed. It was the house where the she hears nice keyboard rhythm and same house where the pervert from yesterday lives...
She looks at him and frowns.
"you live there??" She asked curiously.
Febe was short of words. He stammers "I ---- I --- "
"You were the one peeping at me yesterday while I changed??" Vicky's voice was already getting hoarse.
"I am really sorry...."
"It was unintentional"
"You are just like every other guy. A pervert! Glory was wrong about you!"
Vicky walks out of him and increased her pace.

"I don't think I can ever find someone who makes me feel good like Febs does..." Tears slipped her eyes "And I was thinking of starting something with him. How silly I was"

Children were playing ball by the road side and one of them mistakenly hit throw the ball highly and it hits her head.... She picks the ball and She glares at them, ready to beat each and every one of them but they started pleading..
"Aunty, we are sorry.... Please.... "
She stumps her foot angrily that their plea soften her heart... She threw the ball back at them and continued her journey while they thanked her. She heard Febs music and it made her smile.  Febe had been following her and he saw how she smiled and her expression changed. He went closer to her "you like Febs?"

Vicky looks at him in disgust.
"Yes.... I love him."
Febe smiles widely. "Really?"
"What? You jealous?"
"Not at all. I am just surprised. But, u don't know what he looks like"
"Does it matter? Don't tell me you are like those that thinks he is ugly"
"he is not ugly" Febe frowns
"Why are u suddenly pissed? Are u also a huge fan"
"Febs is cool"
"So, u sing?"
"Yeah, I sing"
"I play. I play the keyboard"
"I realised. I do hear you from my house. You are good. You mostly play Febs too ... Woah... U are really a huge fan"
"His instrumentals are easier"
"Really? Let's do something... You play for me, I sing. Are u in?"
"Sure! But ain't you going to ur shop?"
"I am... Maybe this evening"
"Yeah... I am going to a friend's place, from there I will join my aunty in d shop. Bye. Meet u this evening"
Febe smiles...

Vicky and Glory got to the shop and saw Aunt Grace as she and neighbours gisted.

Vicky saw the empty shop and it shocked her "Aunty, what happened?"

Her Aunty hugs her and kisses her fore head. She was so happy. "Nothing bad happened. I just sold everything to a customer who claims he wants everything in the shop. At first, I thought he was joking, but...."
"What????? Everything???"
"Woah" Glory exclaimed.
"Yes. You can go have fun girl. No shop for today."

Vicky turns to Glory.
"Are you seeing what I am seeing?"
 They both giggled.


Door opens and Vicky waves at Febe.
"I have been expecting you.." Febe gestured her in.
Vicky enters. "Expecting me? I thought I told you I will be coming back in the evening two hours ago?"
Febe smiles.
Vicky frowns and her eyes widens
"Don't tell me you bought it"
"I was eager to practice with you" Febe says cutely

"Gosh!" Vicky exclaimed.

To be contd

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