True Focus: A Pathway To Success

By Utibe Dickson 8 months ago




    Without the word, “Focus” aims can’t be achieved because Life is not a throne which we sit upon aimlessly. It works together with time because it’s not a bed of roses, for it flows along with opportunities which come, ones in a lifetime and this requires what is called “Focus” for it to be achieved. If the focus is lost, arrogance would set in causing us to foolishly throw away the opportunity that comes our way and these would haunt us badly, humiliating each face.

   The true focus would control itself at the time of danger, thereby giving out boldness to face various challenges which would result in a fearless spirit in us. Focus help set in goals for what we want to achieve, by boosting our thought into working towards it.

Aiming for the creation of our occupation creates an interesting thought on how to invest our talents on self-principle, training and time management. For us to have possession of a true focus, we must be determined, be prepared and preserved for the future ahead; it does not require distraction from any angle, because being open-minded attracts a great deal of focus.

    The true focus has always been disturbed by laziness, and also ignorance as said in chapter 1 that it’s a disease that turns life to a disaster because it separates true focus from us. Steve Onu “YAW” stated in his quotes that:” We should stay stubborn to our dreams, believe in God and ourselves that we can do it”. So, therefore, if we don’t follow our dreams; it would be disastrous.

N: B –Idleness is a factor that militates against success and achievement. It is the refusal to utilize one’s potentials. Also, note that: Every great dream begins with a dreamer, and remember that we have within us, the strength, the patience, and passion to reach for the stars.

   Time wasting on activities that are less beneficial, irrelevant, not educative affects true focus and to prevent these, we should develop a habit of being friendly with those who are academically standard because it would be beneficial to us, by gaining profitable knowledge and a better understanding. Being respectful is another point of having a true focus because respect they say is reciprocal, so as humility; For our parents and elderly beings would grant us a save passage for true focus. And this happens if we humble ourselves and by so doing, we would obtain respect for ourselves.

The points am raising affects true focus because it is being darkened, prevented from springing forth; and these are because of the abuse of drugs otherwise known as “Drug abuse” which is common in the life of youths today. Because they have developed a great deal of interest for the intake of these drugs, for various reasons whether to ease their pain of emotion or mental trauma or to make them fearful before others in the cause of bullying thereby invoking the spirit of fear in their victim. While some take it, due to the influence of bad companies they keep causing them not to think positive but dwell on its negative impact which leads to Lack of concentration in their various activities.

   Due to the influence of these drugs, they find it difficult to restrain from their action because of the intense urge tagged in them, and this has affected the true focus in them, causing blindness for the future which leads to abnormality in their status:” A life that entertains difficulties, problem and excuses as guest”. That why death knocks their door at a premature stage because they lost their focus for the future and there is the price they pay for their ignorance.

Some youths never had those, who would scold them for their bad behavior, advising them on what to do, tabulating the consequences they would face if they continued in that path and which would result to the wreckage of their future, making them be “fools of their own shadow”. While others never yield to the advice of their guardians, and these lead to their downfall. They are either engaged in the act of robbery and fraud because they limited themselves to favors and opportunities. Maybe due to instability of their background, but it is not meant to be so, because if they had focus and thought positively just like the Indian movie titled: “The three idiots” which narrates the story of two friends who had challenges during the course of their studying because of the situation of their background, causing them to lose concentration in school. One of them had problems passing his exams, while the other was forced to choose a course, he never loved and these challenges made their lives miserable until the arrival of the third party, who made them, see the light from their confused state and taught them how to conquer  family because they focused on their future and conquered fear, despite, pressure imposed on them. That why good communication matters a lot and summoning the courage to face challenges wherever you find them, having a standard communication with our parents and self-esteem should be our priority. Note that friends can either make you or destroy you; therefore it is advisable to be wiser than your friends and never let our guard down because they want escorts if they are going to perish, while some are ready to escort you to hell because of the envy and hatred they feel for you. That why we should avoid any interaction with friends, whose words from their mouth won’t bring a definite solution to the affected sectors of our lives. Because they have a future; but think less of it and this act might corrupt your thought causing you to lose your focus, turning your mind away from the future. A writer stated in his book that:” We should be careful of those we spit our secrets on because it would be used as evidence against you”. Meaning you should never disclose your matters to them; because they are the ones to destroy you with those words from your mouth. And a place where we should have a great focus on is, Our Creator, He is the architect of our life; Despite the attacks and difficulties that comes our way, He still showers us with blessings; even with our sinful lives and arrogant behavior, He shows us mercy. We should have a strong and firm relationship with God and to acknowledge his presence, by believing that he can’t be limited. That why he is known as a “limitless being” because with him, we would achieve more. We are the youth of the 21st century; therefore we should never limit ourselves to events, happening in our environment just because of our background.

Never underestimate the length at which your talent evolves; because it is a talent that is stored by God waiting to be processed. And believe that we have a God of possibilities and vision to excel in what we do. Be on a pursuit for your dream and try to make something out of it, never see your friends as gods because you are destined for greatness; Remember those who have suffered for you to be where we are, think of what would happen to the smile and hope on their faces when we shatter our future because of popularity, or you want to acquire more friends, want to be like them and be liked by them. Think of the betrayal they would feel knowing that; all they worked for have been flushed down the drain and this would cause a great deal of pain which might lead to another trauma because of the loss of true focus.

     On Thursday, 12th September 2013; a girl of about 16-17 years of age, a Nigerian based UK citizen, a Muslim to be precise; got a scholarship into one of the world’s leading universities known as The University of Harvard to study brain science, to become a “Brain scientist”. That should be a challenge to us, especially we Christians. We have to regain that focus, instead of using our leisure time for less beneficial things; so we have to plan and think of the step forward. For God says: “ Heaven helps those who are willing to help themselves, thereby promoting them because of their humility”. We should not throw away every chance of becoming something successful in future, knowing very well that it would take years to find that opportunity, therefore, why do we contemplate on these opportunities whereas we can implement on it and make something good out of it. Note that to be a success, it requires the setting of strategies for the future.

My mum advised us, never to run after our shadows, because it would destroy what we have started and that we should ignite the habit of meditating on the word of God; for it would start up a fire that can never stop, as a youth we would meet obstacles during the pursuit of our career in order to face these challenges, we have to soak ourselves in God and stand firm against odds that comes our way; by refusing every decision that would cause problem in our lives. She said that, we should show forth good character because it would defend our personalities, and that every success outside Christ brings shame, sadness, bitterness but in Christ; happiness, laughter, success is ours and we should develop self-confidence because in the bible there is a mandatory statement in Phillips 4:13 which is:” I can do all things through Christ that strengtheneth me” because every success dwells on a positive thought.

We should be a youth that has an intense urge to learn, and eagerness to know without satisfaction. Also, the excuse should not be far away from our lives because it separates success, responsibility, and opportunities from us. Because when a man loses sight of his destination; he loses his focus for the future.

N: B- Destinies can be delayed; but not forgotten because the decree made by God is prominent and being patient brings greatness. Successors like Henry Ford in his quotes, he stated that:” Most people get ahead during the time that others have wasted”; meaning, we have to learn from our mistakes and the mistakes of those who have failed because it helps promote True focus and focus works in conjunction with “TIME”. But the question is, what’s time; who’s time, and what do we do with the word “Time”, gathering various definitions and putting them in few sentences, I have gathered that:

“Time is an outstretched duration, given to man by God to fulfill His purpose on earth”; time is vice-versa to life, they both depend on each other. Because Life is a vital, enthusiast and exciting way of living; due to the durability of time. Once there is wastage of time, part of life is gone; not having the proper time management of life’s events would abolish your life’s growth and improvement. That’s why Dr. Michael Loboent stated that “Wastage of time is like wasting a fortune and we will be out in the world empty” meaning, Time is a luxury which is meant to be used with wisdom; therefore it best we make use of our time while in our youthful stage because it would be difficult when we’ve come of age (old) and become vulnerable.

That’s why Mike Murdoch quoted that: “He who masters time, masters his life” because the proper utility of time, determines the success of life. Orison sweet madden stated that: “We lift ourselves by our thought and climb upon our vision with positivity”. So, therefore, forget about the situation you find yourself. Just have a focus of where you are heading, work alongside with time, develop basic principles, seek God’s wisdom and guidance because he is willing to help and develop positive thinking, believing that the best in you would spring out before the world.

  Just believe and the path would be pleasing...

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