Touched By An Angel

By Frank Olunga Khange 2 months ago



Series of broken heart

Seasons of heartbreak

Episodes of fake love

Many years I said love was a scum 

Meant to break my arm

And cause my body harm

I cursed love

Sweared never to love again

Never could I feel the pain

True love was a cliche 

Only made in Hollywood


Hope in love was gone until

Until I met an angel

With bright shinning eyes

Perfectly curved nose

Lovely smooth red lips

Her beauty made my heart beat again

Beat the rhythm of her name

Her walking style turned my heart into a statue

Her goddess like voice made me speechless

Her figure disfigure my mind

It was love at first sight

Her heart my destination and site


The princess with a priceless smile

For her hand I will swim in the river Nile 

She is worthy the pain

She is worthy... Read more

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Frank Olunga Khange
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