By Agatha Johnson 4 months ago

And here is to the younger self on this field of success today

You have to work towards success from yesterday

in order to see it in tomorrow

As success can not be borrowed


Know it that our yesterday's plan

brings us into tomorrow's success land

Not forgetting our today's action

that adds up with our passion


Anyone can have success

Without being a duchess

As it takes more than riches

And a lot of mistakes

With stitches

For another to give it a stake

Cuz if you do not show it

Others will not see it

Nor consider your works

Even if it is in stock


You need to believe in yourself before others do

Cuz you do the same too

And should not hate others when they do

Take time and discover yourself

in order not to be only on the shelf


Not that the shelf is bad

but not all visit the shelf

That will leave you sad

And filled with dust

Always push forward to leave the shelf

And others will be there to take away the dust

Sharing you to the world

But you have to earn a space on that stage


As your yesterday's actions birth your tomorrow from today

Keep moving forward as your greatness of tomorrow is from your little of today not forgetting the drops of yesterday

It all starts today, as today becomes yesterday and tomorrow becomes today

And do not look at the mistakes of yesterday as it will destroy your good today and ruin a better tomorrow


Work on your today, Today!

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