To Whom It May Concern

By Precious Diedemise 7 months ago

He watched, 

All the while she was with her ex,

He Loved,

Even though her life was reckless,

He stayed,

When she was forsaken by everyone else,

He continued knocking,

Though the attention she gave him was less.


It gladdened His heart when she accepted Him,

she tried all she could to please Him

Like every new union, it was bliss at first,

in all she did, she put in her best. 


Indignant about her happiness, 

her jealous ex returns,

Reminding her of her past life, 

and 'babies' she aborted,

He says to her 'Once promiscuous,  always promiscuous'

'I will tell him if you don't give in', he threatens.


In tears and pains,

she succumbs to her ex's demands,

She submerges herself,

in her own ocean of self guilt,

Tossed about in the waves of unforgiveness,

She is oppressed, and can no longer look into the eyes of her darling. 


She remembers the vows she made to her beloved, 

when she stood at the altar of His Glory, 

staring at the fire in his eyes, 

that burnt of intense love for her,

She was supposed to guide her salvation with fear, 

But here she is, losing it to fear.




Like this married maiden, 

we constantly are plagued by our ex-lover,

who when he threatens blackmail,

we give in to his demands,

In a bid to salvage our union,

we defy our wedding bed.


Just so you know, this is our Hope






He knew us before he proposed,


He chose us before our conception,


He justified us through Faith in Him,


He has accepted our past and is ready to prepare our present for his Glory that is to Come.


So...Don't Sex the devil in a bid to protect your union with Christ!!! 

#Justified, #poetry, #Inspire, #PreshLife 


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