By Nana Hauwa 6 months ago

When will our government finally provide us with something as basic and as good as stable electricity?

When do we stop suffering in darkness? When do they realise that we deserve it, that it's our right? For years, every incoming government swears they will fix it, they will be the one to provide us with stable electricity, but as soon as they get voted in, they forget about us, they forget their promise and we do nothing. And so the cycle of darkness continues, it's 2019 for God's sake! What on earth is wrong with Nigeria? What is wrong with the citizens? When do we finally stop suffering in silence? When do we stop yelling UP NEPA!?

My grandfather yelled it, my father also, I joined them, and if we continue like this, I can say with absolute certainty my children, our children will also be yelling UP NEPA. As long as we keep our mouths shut, we change nothing, we'll probably be yelling UP NEPA for generations. To that kind of future, I say No!! 

   It needs to end, we are not animals, we should stop suffering in silence, let's ask the government to fulfill their promise, they owe us that, without us, there's no country. No more UP NEPA!

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Nana Hauwa
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