Time Management Principle Part 2: Changing Your Time Habits

By Okoronkwo Francis 3 months ago

When we do things regularly, it gradually becomes a habit. Every habit can be learned, including time-wasting. That is why we need to change our habits towards time so that we become more in control of our time.


Habits by their nature, are things we do as a routine, most of the time not thinking. Most times, we are ignorant and unaware of these habits unless someone draws our attention to them.


Do you know what your time habit is like? take an inventory of your daily routine, from when you wake up first thing in the morning till you sleep late at night, and know how many hours of your time was spent on something meaningful. That is to say, begin to allocate activities to your time, else, you will always run out of time. 


Do you know why it is important to keep a daily log of your time? It will help you eliminate time-wasting habits and give you the opportunity to replace them with healthy, time-saving ones.


How do you change your time habits?

Aside from keeping a log of your time, which is a major way of eliminating time wasters, do the following:


1. Limit your internet time.

I wonder what a student will be doing online for hours. What are you doing? The earlier you limit the time you spend online, the better for you. Many of us would have been in control of our time, making excellent grades, but we waste it chatting and streaming videos of less educational importance.

Your time is your life, it can only be spent, so spend it wisely.


2. Take time out. Give yourself a short break

It is a terrible thing to read for hours at a stretch only to discover you just wasted those times because you could not comprehend or recollect what you have read.

Instead of reading for long hours and be in danger of fatigue, low comprehensive and retention capacity, reward yourself with regular short breaks. As simple as this may look, it is essential and a sure way of managing your time well and increasing comprehension.


3. Lastly, Obey your Alarm clock— for those that use Alarm

The truth is, if you can't obey your alarm clock in the morning, you will have a hard time sticking to your time schedule during the day.


To your prosperity,


Okechukwu Francis O.



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