This Is How To Cut Off

By Victoria B. Willie 3 months ago

She stared at the man lying beside her and once again reminisced on how they had ravished each other, taking turns to ride each other to Uranus and Neptune throughout the night. But something was wrong to her. Why does he keep coming back even after he had moved on with the love of his life, she almost wondered aloud. Her fingers traced the hair on his chest and he shuddered in his sleep. How that single act alone always made the hard man in him melt. 


Five years ago, he had walked out on their relationship with claims that she wasn't the one for him. Three years down the line he kept passing suggestive advances towards her and she'd wonder if he actually loved his new girl at all. His social media posts always told her he did love his new girl and she would get mad at the fact that the young man declared publicly his love for another yet came to her indoors to declare how much he worshipped her body. 


Her thoughts crystallised and she took the sheets off her body, walking naked to the kitchen. When she returned, she placed a kiss on his forehead and let the cold, sharp edge of the object in her hand touch his Adam's apple. He stirred, smiling as he saw her angelic face staring so brightly at him. But the smile could only last for a second as he realised he was between the devil and the deep blue sea. 


"Nneoma, what are you doing? " He asked, his voice giving away his fear. Nneoma traced the knife down from his throat to his stomach. She stopped right at his belly button and winked at him. He was visibly shaking. He tried to move but unfortunately, he was still tied to the bed from the bouts of BDSM they had the previous night. 


"Your heart is with someone else but your penis keeps coming to me, " she said smiling. 


"Wwwhat do you mean? " he quivered. 


"Nothing," she chuckled and continued. "I just wanna help you concentrate on your relationship."


"How? "


She smiled again. "I'll show you how".


She bent her head to his manhood, gave it a blowing kiss as she had done the previous night, and placed the cold steel on it. His shrieks excited her as she sliced off the only part of him he could give her. If he couldn't give her the full package, she would never settle for less, not even a penis capable of multiple orgasms. 




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