Then The Scale Tipped

By Victor Adakole 5 months ago

"Hey, move to the back row." He growled. "This section is reserved." Jennifer gathered her paperwork and moved to the back. From then on till the meeting ended, she couldn't concentrate. She had been in this company for four years, and not once did her HOD call her by name. It was either "hey", "you there"… the worst is when he hissed and snapped his fingers to get her attention.

Greg, her cubicle neighbour, stuck his head over and said "the way you are looking, it's like the news hit you hard too eh?" That was when she realized that the meeting was called because corporate headquarters wanted a solution. The company was at the brink of collapse, and they were thinking of closing down one of the branches unless someone came up with a solution. They had one week to discuss and forward their points to the headquarters. Because she wasn't concentrating, she lost out on the deliberations.

Jennifer pleaded that Greg should help her with his notes. After going through, she realized the solution was not as difficult as they all thought. So she went to the HOD to share her thoughts. She met him on the phone. When he was done, he took out a newspaper and started reading, ignoring her presence. As she turned to leave, he called out that she should close his door.

During the day, she had got a call that her mother was visiting. So she closed early and went to get some groceries from the store before heading home. After the pleasantries, her mother asked what was going on in her life. Jennifer told of her frustrations at work and how she was about to turn in her resignation. "No wonder, I felt strongly in my spirit to come to see you", her mother said. "You are not going to quit. You will prove yourself wise and strong and dependable." She continued "you are no pushover. Go and show them that you're your father's daughter!"

That night, Jennifer gathered her thoughts and began to put down her solutions to the company's problem. By the next meeting, she was ready to make her voice heard. As usual, the HOD ignored her. So she banged her hands on the table and everyone turned to her. Startled, the HOD said she doesn't have any right to talk or cause commotion in his meeting. She must leave the gathering now and await further instructions.

On her way to her table, she decided one way or another, she would be heard. So she sent her notes to the CEO directly via mail. She knew this was against company policy, but she was ready to damn the consequences.

To their surprise, the CEO was present on deadline day, alongside the Chairman and a few board members. "I have come here today, to show my displeasure with the way this office has been run." The CEO said. "We have also gathered suggestions from all our branches and found out that the answers we needed came from here." At that moment, the HOD stood up and adjusted his suit and said: "I am very honoured sir, for this recognition and…" "Shut up!" Bawled the CEO. "Who asked you to interrupt me? You will leave this meeting now and await further instructions from your new manager." The chairman rose up and said "Yes, the board has approved a new position in this branch. And Miss Jennifer Udom would be a great choice."

The HOD packed up and left as soon as he overheard the conversation from the conference room.

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