The Youth Our Nations Pride.

By valentine Samuel 2 weeks ago

I feel very blessed to be a Nigerian youth. This is my proudest moment as a Nigerian youth. I am so happy to be part of this generation, a generation of possibilities. The past generation lived in fear. Our parents' generation is a generation of fear, filled with so many doubts, division, so many what-ifs. That's why they were comfortable watching the country's situation grow from bad to worst & now it seeming unredeemable. That's why they couldn't fight for what they believe in, still why they are scared of fighting & lending a voice for what is right. That's why they find it difficult to fight for what is just


Our grandparents stood their ground & fought for their rights, freedom & independence. They fought for the democracy that we have now but our parents watched that democracy demeaned. Our parents have gotten used to fear and that's why they are trying to pass that fear dementia to us. That's why you see cases of parents threatening to disown or put out a youth for the fact that he or she went out to exercise his/her right. Then we will ask "what's wrong with this our Nigeria"? Most of our parents are what's wrong with our country. They have unpatriotic, settling & adapting for less, fear syndrome. And a mentality of fear is a mentality that never gets things done. 


This country can only be changed by the youths. Nigeria has the best young brains in the world. We have an overwhelmingly high number of degree holders, but still, they make us look incompetent. Guess it's time we prove our worth. It is not every time they will sideline us and make us look like minority. Every country thrives on the youths because the youths are the powerhouse of every nation. I'm so glad to be part of this possibility generation. 


Thank God for 2020, in as much as it came with a lot of tribulations still yet I am happy for this year. This year is one marked with bravery & achievement for us Nigerian youths. We need absolute reform of all SECTORS not just of POLICE. This can only be achieved through a cooperative effort from all the youths. No segregation, ethnicity, nepotism and whatnot. We have to stick together cus division & distrust stagnated and hampered the growth of our parents' generation. 


We can say No to Division, Ethnicity, Segregation, Nepotism. Let's be UNITED & fight for what we believe in; A BETTER NIGERIA, A FUNCTIONAL DEMOCRACY. I know & believe with all my heart that we will achieve it because WE HAVE POWER IN US.

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valentine Samuel
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