The White Witch

By Lawrence Ruth 13 months ago


Life’s really strange, full of untold unfold mystery beyond human  understand and knowledge. If man can predict and see his future and if man has the cure to death, many would have endured their present hard times knowing the best is coming tomorrow and few would have been dead because they choose to.

Looking at these feeblerotten wooden doors that ‘swung wide open and earthen pot which my grandma used to prepare my favorite atama dish lying beneath a bamboo bed remind me of my childhood time.

My name is Kufrey Adission, a renowned neurologist working at Nana-special care hospital. Looking at my present status, you would imagine I was born with a silver spoon into a wealthy family but is that really true.

Being the first and only son of my parents I was born into a poor family during the harsh hammatern season. My mother  died giving birth to me when she couldn’t bear the pains of a hardlabor. My dad died after becoming a dipsomaniac, he died drunk . I was looked after by my sweet granny who name me Kufrey.

Kufrey is the name my grandma calls me but the villagers call me the white witch.

Now you would wonder and ponder why the name “White Witch was given to me. Before I give you the reasons, wouldn’t it be appropriate and  proper for me to tell you my life story so you could get the detailed reason I was called  the ”White witch” by the villagers.

In the year 1968, a virtuous And gorgeous woman brought me into the world. I was her first and only child before she left the world.

She didn’t live to see me call her mother or mum, she died when she couldn’t bear the excruciating and gruesome pains of hard labour, she died looking at my smiling face. She wished she kissed her baby boy before her death, I guessed, because my granny told me she learned towards me probably trying to kiss my little cheek.

My dad came into the labour room when he was permitted to. The midwife handed me to him with a sad face which my dad didn’t understand. He took me from her with a perplexed look.

“I don’t understand this, why is he too white? am dark, my wife is fair not white” my dad asked looking at the midwife for an answer.

“it’s a normal thing, as he grows he will get the appropriatecomplexion  for his skin” the midwife explained.

“Alright but where’s my wife?” my dad asked but the midwife became calm she don’t really know how to put her words I guess.

“I just asked you a simple question, I said where’s my wife?” my dad sputtered with fear.

“Sorry, but she couldn’t make it, she gave up the ghost after the birth of her child” the midwife broke the bomb shell.

“What do you mean by she gave up the ghost na grammar be that? Madam were my wife dey?” my dad shriek but the midwife was calm again 

“oya, wey her body dey? He asked and the midwife  pointed at something covered with clean white sheet on a bamboo bed.

My dad couldn’t believe his eyes, he didn’t want to go close to the body, he wanted someone  to tell himIt’s all a joke but how could an elderly woman be joking with death at a time like that.

He gave me to the midwife  and went close to the bamboo bed. Gently he lift the white sheet and threw it aside and what did he see? The white and stiff  body of my  mother, death has laid his cold hands on her and she’s as stiff and hard as a brick.

My dad couldn’t believe his eyes as hot tears dropped down his cheeks. He cover the body and went towards the door.

Your baby the midwife called after him, but it looks like shewas talking to a living corpse my dad left the room not minding the midwife’s calls.

My grandma came running to the labour after she was being told what happened.

She cried and wept, the words of the midwife andneighbors who had gathered to know what the problem was, their wards and calming plea couldn’t sooth her weary heart.

“Where’s mygrand child” she asked wiping her face with the helm of her loose grown.

“Where’s the child, where’s my little boy” she asked again in my dialect, every word she used or said was in my dialect. I was given to her. I goggled round with little eyes, as little as I was she held me.

I felt some thing was wrong, maybe because “Blood is stronger than water” as some people would say. I felt the absence of my motherwhen I needed some milk to quench my thirst and hungry stomach. I cried loud.

“chuch! Am here with you” that was my grandma talking. “ look how white and thin you are,look  at those blue eyes, you took your great granny appearance” she said but I only giggled.

A week later, my mum was buried, a month later the incident seems to be forgotten. Eight months later my dad married another lady who bore him  a son. My grandma plead to take me with her so she could look after m. My dad  disagreed but my mum agreed.

“ let his grandma look after him, can you look after him, your new son and I ? He better stays with grandma”. She said but my dad persist.

“He’s my son, he stays with me and I will look after him”

“Your son indeed, this white witch  with eye as blue as the sea. What makes him your son”

“its enough” my dad sputtered but my step mother won’t stop ranting.

“He should leave with his grandma, those eyes of hes' scares me at night and his skin terrifies me, who would have such a scary witch and won’t be scared of it…

“What did you just say? My dad asked with a glowing red eyes

“ I said who won’t be scared of the little witch”

“you called my son a witch again” my dadraved

“ what’s he before, my step mother replied fiercely” my dad couldn’t bear her  rude talk.

He slapped her hard across the face, but that only got my step-mother angry, she held him tight by the neck and screamed.

“Kill me, kill me ooooo, you must kill me ooooo, you this useless man” she, cried.

Leave me Imabong” my dad warned 

“I wont you will kill me today oooo, shey you be man” my step mother held him tighter 

“I will beat you, I will beat this woman oo” I dad threatened.

“you no fit, dem no born you well” she raised her voice hard.

 My dad shoved her hard to the floor but she  sprang up like a wounded lioness and bounce on him again “kill me, kill me kill me oooo, shey this white blue eyed witch has possessed you, shameless man” 

The word “Witch” got my dad more angry, he threw my step-mother to the floor and hit her hard, he was to blind with anger that he hardly noticed my step mother fainting. When he noticed this later he called my grandma who poured her some water before she woke up with a swollen eye.

I was only a year old when my step – mother and dad began having  issues concerning me. My dad was so tired of his new nagging wife, he took to drinking and became a dipsomaniac, soon he began coming home late, my granny tried talking to him but he couldn’t listen “Udi” he would call my Mum’s 

 “ Go and join her in the grave” my step – mother would reply whenever she over hears him. My dad was looking more like his shadowhe barely eats but would drink to stupor and get home late.

 8 months later we got the information that he got hit by a truck and died before he was taken to a nearby clinic.

      I was two year old when I lost my dad, before his death I  had a step sister and a step brother. I was left all alone with a mean step mother. I’ve   been having a hard time but Iknew it was going to be worst after the death of my father .

On a fateful day, my little step sister who is a years old walked up to me witha cup “water” she prattled giving me the cup she was holding,I got the cup from her but  when I got the cup from her hand to get her some water I stepped on her toes unintentionally, she gave out a loud scream and ran out, my step mother ran out of her room with a fierce look

         “what is it?” she ask my step sister who pointed at me with tears in her eyes 

“What did you do to her” my step mother ask moving closer to me

 “wait” she paused “Where’s your shirt? And why are you on pants?” she asked with a fearsome look. 

      “I just had my bath before intro..” “shut up your mouth!” she cut me short “so you tried to rape my daughter, eh, you tried to rape your own blood. You are really a witch, I’ve always said it, neighbours come and see ooo, come and see ooooo!” She screemed calling the  attention of the neighbors.

“What is it mama Itoro?”  An elderly woman asked

“What is it? What is it?” questions were coming out from different angles.

  “ Na Kufrey o!” my step mother cried holding her scarf.      

    “Wetin in do?” the crowd asked “ in wan rape my small pikin “ she cried in pretence

   “ Hey!” the villagers shouted  “Abomination” some spartted  on the ground 

“Hey wetin I go do this boy o “ she yelled out rolling on the ground 

“I talk say that boy na witch someone said in a crowd. 

“Yes na witch in be, you no see say in white, see in blue eye,  I never see that kind eye before” Another lady said 

 “White witch!” another screamed “ White witch !” the crowd all  shout   “push am, mama Itoro, make in no kill you and your pikinooo” 

“Yes push am, na him kill in mama and papa chase him away am before in kill una” Another said.

 “pushuam, pushuam” they all screamed and out of my paternal home  was I  sent out. 

   I roamed about and found a sport in the market where I sat down. A day later my grandma came to pick me  up “ sorry my child,” she said in our  dialect as she bath me.

“You’re not a witch, my grandson” 

“Eat” she said giving me my favorite meal.

For a year everything seems to be going on well except that I don’t have friends and am always called “the white witch” wherever I go or pass. My grandma would always say “you ‘re not a witch my boy, you look so much like your great grandma, you‘re her reincation” am always at ease whenever she says those words.

 So dear readers you’ve just read why I was called the “White witch” by the villagers but everything didn’t end there.

My joy didn’t last so long when my grandma died of arthritis. I was left alone again without anyone to look after me. I was three years old when my grandma gave up the ghost. I stayed home without anything to eat,I got tired of staying home, so I decide to get anything to eat but did I?I didn’t, I was always called and seen as a witch.

I got so tired and sat down close to a mango tree wishing and waiting for death to lay his cold hands on me. I was lean and thin. You could count the ribs on my body, my head was so big and my legs and hands thin.i was a good description of one suffering from malnutrition.

I sat down  looking so pale and week not knowing what to do, I was so thirsty and hungry if only I could see someone who could just give me a cup of water I will be so happy but no onewas  willing to help a little boy who has been name the “white witch” it seen as a taboo and abomination. A witch is seen as an outcast as well.

On a fateful day, when I thought all hope has been lost and am going to die sooner or later a  young white  lady whom I call today “my angel and God sent walked up to me. She squats beside me to offer me some water to drink but some of the villagers who saw this shouted.

            “oyibo pepper, no try am o..nawitch in be, leave am, make in die”

      The white lady whose name I later found to be “Mrs. Chloe Antonio” Didn’t understand what they mean by witch and why she shouldn’t help me.

“why?” she asked .

“oyibo, you no go commot from there, you think say here na  your papa land”

       Leave her, make she dey there, dey speak through her nose , “why?” a young lady tried imitating Mrs Chloe.

          “I think this people are crasy” said Mrs. Chloe. She dipped her hands into her bag and brought out a bottle of water which she gave me to drink, I drank so much that she felt sorry for me. She could tell from those weak and pleading  eyes that I’ve been starved for weeks. She ran to a nearby store to get me some snacks but what was their reply?

            “commot from here, no be my market you go take feed that witch” the seller told Mrs. Chloe. Confuse and perplexed  the white lady walked to the next store and to another but she kept receiving same reply. She gave up of ever getting anything from the barbaric seller. She turned to leave with the intention of taking me home with her.

  Just as she got close to me a young boy approached her.

“ good day ma” he greeted 

“how’re you”

“ am fine ma”

“please can you help me get some snacks for this kid?”

“Yes ma, that’s why I am here”

“Oh ! thank you” the white lady replied and give him some money.

“Get me any snacks, you can get  please”.

“Alright ma”.The boy ran and came back five minutes later with some biscuits and cakes.

“Do you know this kid? Mrs. Chloe asked


“Oh, thank God. Where are his parents, has he no parent? The lady asked

“No. his parents are dead”

“can’t anyone help him, I mean his relatives” the caring white lady asked again.

“No”  the boy nod his head.

“He’s called the little  white witch, so no one wants to help a witch, it’s bad omen and an abomination”.

“what are you talking about? And why is he called “the witch witch”

“he’s called a witch because his mum died giving birth to him and his dad died too later, he was accused of trying to rape his step sister”

“that can’t be true, not this little poor child can do that” the white lady said in disbelief 

“ you are right ma, I don’t also believe he tried to rape his step sister. However he’s called “witch witch” because of his skin. He’s white with blue eyes”

The young ladexplained

“Alright thanks for your explanation, so what’s your name”

“Akan” said the boy.

“Alright Akan, I need to go with Kufrey am taking him to a place where he can be loved”

“Alright ma, thank you for  your care”

“You’re welcome Akan, take this. She said” handing the boy sum of money 

“Thank you ma, the young boy thanked her and ran away joyfully.

Mrs. Chloe took me with her first to her home, bathe me and feed me, I ate so much that she imagined the number of days I missed food.

After I had rest, she took me to the police station where she told the story she knew and have heard about me and how she intend on taking me to “The Land of Hope Orphanage home”.

A week later she got every necessary thing she thing she needs to  get me to the orphanage home where I saw and got love.

Being with the kids at the Land of Hope Orphanage home was fun and great, the staffs were caring and loving especially the white lady Mrs. Chloe who so much loved us as if we were  her kids.

I found so much love and care at the land of hope that I cried when was about being adopted.

 I was adopted ten years later  by a childless couple. I was brought up and trained by Mr./Mrs. Erica Madukwue. They became my parents and trained me all through. 

I got the appropriate schooling I need and got a job immediately I got graduated and married year later.

As I speak to you, I am father and a husband as well as a neurosurgeon. All thanks to God. And special thanks to Land of Hope Orphanage, Mrs. Chloe Antonio and every staff at land of Hope Orphanage home. I won’t have gone all through and come to this level if you haven’t been there for me.

Here ends my story. “You never call a harmless being a witch when you’ve never seen him act like one” and “Never allow your superstitious believe be  a bane to you”   





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