The Voiceless

By Olabisi Ayomide 16 months ago

Waking up in the morning is like all day be night.

Never wanting to see the day just to abort your thought.

Never wanting to compare yourself to others. 
Never wanting to think of your ratio 0:0:0 and all you take all day is water. 
Never wanting to be surrounded by people because a lonely place is where fits your situation.


You kept on hoping that one day people will notice you and come to your aid.

You kept on thinking that people would notice but yet they spend a lot which makes you thinking.

You kept longing for someone to pour out your problem with but you find no one trustworthy enough.

You kept expecting a surprise from people who surprises you but you didn't see one?

You kept calling for help but your talks are useless to those you need their support

You continued to stay in your lonely place and forgotten that you won't be seen.


People are in their lonely planet but you keep stepping on their rights.

You see them and you will never do something about it rather you are self centered.

People are in their lonely planet and yet you embezzle their right.

They deserve what others deserve but because of favoritism and nepotism they do not deserve it.

Is it until suicide is committed and you saw the note left behind that will make you feel guilty?

You may say this people need or deserve your help but people around you do not have the same thought as yours.


If you decide to take your ground what effort are you taking to help those in their lonely world? Procrastination or when am less busy (which is only once in a blue moon)

Did you ever notice and u ignore or the other way round?

Be your brothers keeper. Are you obeying that?

Why can't you just make the lonely lively.

Why can't you care to be your brother's keeper.

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