The Ugly Dispute

By Favour chidera 12 months ago

How could you..?

Ann asked with a rush of anger, looking straight at her youngest sister who had done another deed to upset and annoy her elder sister. The two had gotten into a fight yet again! but this time it looked rather too serious for  just  their usual sister's quarrel.

Jane gasped for breathe, in an effort to gather the right words to reply back at her elder sister who at this point was acting all "fast and furious" like someone who just got off a roller coaster. Oh well, that was Ann for you, a mixture of silent and dangerous at the same time. Yes Ann was right again, but addressed it wrongly. Oh poor Jane was speechless already, knowing her place in the matter, wrong to a fault! Jane knew she messed up but needed her sister to get her acts together anyway, Yes I admit I took what's not mine, mishandled and ended up misplacing it, which is wrong but I'm sorry.. can you just let it go and accept my apologies..?

Ann was still breathing heavily, giving no listening ear or remorse by the apology speech her sister was giving. Cutting her short she  screamed No!! from today on, you're banned from touching or using my stuffs, You've crossed the line too many times before, but I'd always overlook  because I never wanted getting on mum's bad side, not today sister! cos she isn't here no more to listen to your nicely composed pickup lines. You're prohibited from taking or using my stuffs, what's mine is mine ..

Hmmm Jane looked in surprise, at the person talking..was this really her sister or the anger in her talking, that got her a little confused for a long while you know, wondering and short of words. Exhaling deeply, she still managed to say sorry for the second time to see if  this could atleast bring her down from her high places, but to no avail, Ann was dead angry and meant every word she said with everything within her.

Being sister's for a lifetime, this was the very first time Jane experienced a fair share of her elder sister's angry outbursts the way she just did. Although, she had known her to be highly principled and strict but with a little fear of God. It got her thinking if she really knew her big sister, but yes she did know her, just not exactly the sister who came off too hard on her like this. No one would have thought, wrath would look so ugly on her big sister's face than her smiles ever did.

Jane sat in her own company outside the trees in front of their house, to gain back her composure so she doesn't let things excalate more than it's doing right now, It looked like she was the wrong one, but her big sister seems to have shared in her being wrong as well, because they two have acted all Immature lately. I'm sure if mum were here, things wouldn't have gone this far Jane thought soberly. I wish she could forgive and let go like she's done many times over in the past, Jane muttered silently.

Jane had come back to her senses in the course of her present  situation with her sister with a resolution, she vowed never to take her elder sister's stuffs without her consent, but I thought sister's share..? And we used too, not until mum passed on, what happened to my sister..? What happened to the sister that understood my weaknesses instead of judge them..? Who didn't over analaze my Immaturity but corrected and overlooked a number of times. After her resolution, Jane decided to go meet her sister for another round of apology to see if just maybe, the  heavens could be on her side but she guessed  wrongly, because her big sister had made up her mind and wasn't about to change it anytime soon from the looks of things.

Dissapointed Jane walked out, all her strategies fell back at her face with no hope of making up with her sister. Nothing seemed to be a perfect remedy for the two girls to finally kiss a make-up.


Stay with me, for the completion of this story, let's see what the fate of this two sisters would be!!!! Will this simple misunderstanding lead to a more fatal relationship as sister's..? Or will heaven side with Jane anyway, to see to Ann's change of heart.

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