The Thought Of A Writer

By Archwealth gates 3 months ago




1.The thought of a writer

 is vast like the breeze

 flowing through the Aegean sea.
Their wisdom is powerful like

 wind force, lunges the heart




2. of the reader left and

 right like the bulb of

 a pendulum clock. They are

 gifted with eye's that are

 far from the ordinary, it's
 an x-ray machine that

 can peer beyond the wildest

 of imaginations. In their writings

 they lay down their emotions

like seals in the Arctic




4. circle, Unveil their feelings at

 the aftermath of a fog

 like sunrise. With a piece

 of paper and a pen,

 they can travel back in




5. time to bring a long

 gone character back to life.
Just like an architect who's

 intention is to change the

 world, they gather fragments of




6. hope. Draw plans of potentials

 to help get to fertile

 land of achievement. Oh! The

 capturer of thoughts, the tamer

 of emotions. I do not

 know what the world will be without you.

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