The Storm Is Brutal

By Victor agbo 2 months ago

Though the storm is brutal! 

But one day it will ease its pain 

The storm might be wailing now 

Tomorrow I know the sun will come.


Though the storm is heavy!

But the future, I see is lighter than a feather 

The storm might frustrate the weather 

Tomorrow I know the firmament will clear.


Though the storm is discouraging!

But our hope lies in God and life

The storm might be devastating

Tomorrow I know the stars will be fussy


Though the storm is dark!

But one day the light will shine again

The storm might be hazardous

Tomorrow I know the wildlife will sing 


O! Brutal storm rage more 

Bring out your best warriors

Your best tactics and arsenal

I see the tunnel from here.

O! O! O! Storm hear me.


® Victor Agbo

 July autumn

# Ballard#

# hopes 

# 300 bye .

# run to God for he calms all situations!™

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