The Song Of A Man Who Became Blind(Part 1)

By Shegun Rex Omonla 8 months ago


The song of a man who

Became blind

(Dedicated to Cobams Asuquo & Jod Peri )



You are the cantata

I step into and wind into

Water The sonata screaming

Solvents into Conflagration

An alchemy in a bland road

When the boulevard Is a map

Of thorns & burial grounds

You are the fingers picking sorrows

& the mouth swallowing sabers

When am a road in Many roads of catacombs

You are the light Aligning the jagged forest

Remember the days I was a barnacle

,In the barrack Of basses

You were the rapier Rapping the monsters,

Carving the conduit Through which

 The graveyards Buried in the belly of my tongue

Flowed into abyss 

This is the way

I see the cupid It’s the way I see the light

It’s the way I See the water

It’s the way I hold The hand of the fort

It’s the way I hold the cleavages

Of thunder It’s the way

I hold the curves of emerald

These verities Are grits of

Arctic rivulet In the nub of my tongue

May I be a tower Tumultuous thunders

Teared to pieces If am a flat ground

If my soul Is a market of paradise

I’ve gone deep inside of you

You’ve gone deep inside of me

In your hills I hide

The whole of my heart

I’ve taken the whole of myself

Out of myself Into yourself

It’s why am begging you

To stay ‘cos if you go

You go with the whole of me

‘cos if you go You parted the tongue

Of crypt And wedged

Me in the cavity Of prickles

And while am here

I’d only be a sepulcher The shadow

Of an inconsequential  paraphernalia


Glossy Cupid don’t go_

This sudden blindness

This abrupt veil I didn’t make!

It’s never my orchestration

It climbed to the peak of

the mountain

on its own 

why not swallow the coquina grits

as I did & flow  kindly into water

As my foyer 

Ladybird_ Revert your luggage

Teddy bears & monochromes

Inching out of this house

‘cos you feel my blindness

Reduced me ‘cos you feel my blindness

Reduced you 

Will suck your purse

& stick you In the crater of impecuniosities

‘cos you feel when you walk on The street my blindness

Will turn you To an entertainment

& An open market

People come to sell Articles of mockery

‘cos you feel Blindness will

Pour me into darkness

‘cos you think Blindness

Will suck my gift ‘cos you feel blindness

Turns husbands  to burden

‘cos you think Blindness liquefies a man

Into cesspool of inertia


Glossy Cupid stay don’t walk away_

Cobams Asuquo didn’t walk

Into shadows Blindness was unable to

Pleat the songstress

To liability Blindness was unable to

Mould him to a tramp

Blindness was unable

To stop his handsomeness


Passing the peak of mount Everest


Glossy Cupid listen_

Cobams Asuquo

Has in his open palm

One of the finest seraphs

In heaven

But  she has never

Walked away

She’s never acted like she’d walk away

She has never acted like blindness is a curse

On her man

Stay don’t walk away

See my kneels

On the pad of despair

Don’t walk away am only blind

Am still the stripped

Macho bathing in the marine

I remain the six-packs that

Melted the rose-quartze

Blindness shouldn’t

Darken the shimmers

Of the stars

If you walk away

With that my bit

Inside of you

How do you narrate

The story of our parting

Of your fleeting

To him or to her



Revert your luggage

Teddy bears

& monochromes

Inching out of this house



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