The Problem With Kenny

By Chisom Ugwu 8 months ago

I was sitting on a very low stool in the kitchen. Watching. Observing. Admiring. Loving. 

Mummy looked just like an angel — if you excluded the filthy apron though. She moved from one pot to the other with such grace.                                                  Stirring. Tasting. Seasoning.  

From the cooker to the sink, from the sink to the fridge.  Then she started my favorite part of our little kitchen time together. The plantain frying!

As was the ‘custom' she offered me a hot piece of plantain. I took it and began blowing and throwing it from one hand to the other before eating it. 

When Mummy was done cooking, she lifted me in her arms and carried me to the bathroom 

“Kenny, time to bath!” she said half singing. 

In the bathroom, Mummy stripped as usual and took my clothes off too. She bathed me first, then wrapped me in a towel and took me out of the bathtub. 

“Stay there” she ordered.

I loved watching Mummy bathe.  The slow sensuous motions of her hands caressing her body, lathering it up and all that. After her bath, Mummy took me to the room, and after we were both dressed, she started telling me stories. <em>Alice In Wonderland. Rumpelstiltskin. Alibaba And The Forty Thieves</em>.I watched her as she talked. 

Mummy was beautiful, she had lovely long hair and gorgeous brown eyes which were complimented by naturally well shaped eyebrows, long eyelashes and a very beautiful pointed nose. Her pretty little lips were mine! She was mine!

“Mummy, I love you!” I blurted out, interrupting her story of Goldilocks. 

 She smiled angelically at me and hugged me. 

“I love you too Kenny”

But then Daddy came back. And Mummy stopped hugging me and went to hug him. Then she kissed him…on the lips. Oh!

I hated seeing Daddy touch Mummy, she was mine and mine alone!

But she just said she loved me, then why did she kiss Daddy?

 I moved over to where they stood hugging and started pushing Daddy’s legs. I wanted him to go away. 

“Kenny my boy! Daddy got you a present” he said trying to touch me.  

I shifted, looked up into his mother-snatching face and frowned.

 It was obvious he was trying to distract me so he could go into the room and start touching Mummy on the bed. Foolish man, he probably didn’t know I’d caught him countless times and it made me hate him more. 

“Daddy go. My Mummy!” I clung to Mummy’s legs.

She laughed and lifted me, then dropped me on a sofa in the living room after turning on my favorite TV show.  

I was enjoying the show until it dawned on me that it was a distraction. I jumped off the sofa and dashed to the bedroom door. Just as I suspected, it was locked. 

I hit the door with my little fists and kicked it with my feet, screaming and crying at the top of my voice. Within the room I heard Daddy’s voice.

“What’s the problem with Kenny? He always does this!” 

I kept at it till Mummy came out tying a wrapper.

“Kenny what’s wrong?” she asked.

“Mummy you left me…” I cried.

Daddy showed up behind her just as she was stroking my back and soothing me. I glared at him in hate and stuck my tongue out at him, then nestled  more into Mummy’s cozy neck. But he laughed and rubbed my head because he probably thought I was joking with him. 




That night while they slept, I lay awake thinking of all the things  Daddy did to Mummy during those times I’d caught the both of them on the bed. I wanted to touch her like that too, make her sound the way she did whenever they were doing it. But Daddy just had to go!

Slowly, I crept out of the sheets — from between their midst — and let my feet land  on the floor in the slightest of patters. Tiptoeing to the kitchen in imitation of one of my favorite cartoons.  I was grateful that NEPA had not yet ‘taken the light’, and ever so quietly grabbed the knife from the top of the table, exactly where Mummy had left it after using it to peel oranges for me right before bedtime. 

On getting back to the room, I saw that the odds were in my favor as Daddy had changed his position and was currently lying on his back. Perfect! 

I was beside him in a matter of seconds.

No, there was no hesitation.

Yes, he was my Father, but the goal was golden; I was going to have Mummy all to myself.

I raised the knife with both hands and muttered under my breath “Goodbye Mother snatcher”, before letting the knife go down in one swift powerful  motion into his stomach. 

Yep! it ripped right through fabric and flesh. He woke up with a jerk, and first came the shock, followed by the cry of agony, before the violent convulsions that rocked his body. 

Obviously Mummy woke up, after all, the cry Daddy let out would’ve woken the dead. She screamed when she saw Daddy’s body shivering with the last signs of life going out of it, the knife stuck in his stomach. 

Her eyes darted from one corner of the room to the other, picking up information and trying to understand what was happening.

The knife…

The bloody sheets…

My even bloodier hands…

And the smile of satisfaction on my face. 

Then it clicked!

“Kenny what have you done?!” she screamed at me, shifting away in — was it fear?

“Mummy I love you” I said.

“Jesus Christ!” she quickly bounced off the bed and  dashed out of the room, closing the door behind her and locking it — I know because I heard the  lock click. 

I was alone. In the room. With Daddy’s dead body. 

I sat at the edge of the bed and swung my feet while reciting  “Mary Had A Little Lamb” and stared out the window, before stretching out to lie down on the  bloody bed and sleep. 

Mummy came back in the morning with some men.  They were discussing outside my door, I heard Mummy say “He’s just seven” and the man said something I didn’t understand  “Oedipus complex… psychological disorder”  

I didn’t understand, Mummy should take me out of here! Daddy was smelling! 

The lock clicked again and I went forward, hoping it was Mummy. But without warning, a huge man burst into the room and grabbed me. 

“MUMMY!!!!!!!” I cried, searching for her. 

Mummy walked into the room so calmly but kept her distance. Her eyes were swollen from crying, 

“Kenny you’re not feeling fine, these nice men will help you, OK?”

“NO!!! Mummy I love you. I love you. I… I love you” I kept yelling as the two men dragged me notwithstanding my struggles to their car. 

I looked out the window and saw Mummy crying. She didn’t save me, She doesn’t  love me. 

I placed my forehead against the car window as they drove away with me. 

“But Mummy I love you…” I whispered one last time. 


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