The Plead

By Falana Idowu Zion 10 months ago

I lay my soul like the breeze
Within me flow the river of peace
My heart a den of harmony
Like the exasperated god sitting in the tree

I'm a life, present like the air
Humility lies around my chest
I'm a fountain of holiness
Called for justice, love and happiness

For peace I stand
A warrior in the garden earth
I've sworn with my life
To protect you with my last breath

Listen to my word and pleas
My heart is beating in distress
Like a furious tiger, I lost my rest
I'm drenched by a river of tears

I plead with the last breath in my soul
Through the man seated on the throne
Cast your nefarious acts to the cloud
Let it flow with the river of past

I am a warrior of peace not war
I lay myself at your door
With our hearts sealed with God's love
I doff my hat, love from your friend, the peaceful one

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