The Paths To Love

By Lucky Ebere 17 months ago

The paths to love


I've been here before but this path doesn't seem familiar;

the way I sublimed, became fluid seeping through the crevices on you body.


On this journey I've unlearnt many things to find out how lustful passion

tucked beneath the folds of a whirling rainstorm in my mouth

can calm another on the receptive end.


Tinder. Spark. Flame. Fire.


We are now seas overlapping,

cresting with clasping tides, moaning foamy waters to the shore.


In time, she runs her fingers through your hair, she's scared of overflowing the banks,

she searches for barriers to keep her from coming, she needs a pillar to own,

and her legs clasp to find one around your waist.


Maybe I've derailed. No, I'm fluid.

There are many paths to love;

one is lust and the others are defined by your sanity.

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