The Past Is Always Present

By Adesokan Abdulafeez 5 months ago

The past never really leaves us.

It is never far behind.

Waiting for the slightest jog of memory.

Then time rewinds.

That door opens up in your mind 


Nostalgia floods it all back.

Hearts are broken again. 

Love is found and love is lost.

Wounds refreshed, emotions are crossed 

Words respoken, pains reopened 

Albeit slightly though not as new.

Thoughts you thought gone

Were merely behind you

A clean slate you got 

A new memory you can't do


The past is too late

And you can't ever forget 


The mistakes you've made 

And the words you've said


The hurts you did 

You wished you had never mete.


But don't grieve about your regrets

And don't let it torture 


The past is present to make sure 


Your past 

doesn't become your future 

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