Okoroafor And His Entrepreneurial Adventures

By Okechukwu Ukegbu 11 months ago

Okoroafor and his entrepreneurial adventures

By Okechukwu Keshi Ukegbu

The employment situation in Nigeria is very delicate. Higher institutions churn out large number of graduates every session and there are no employment opportunities to absorb them . The situation has reduced the country to a brigade accommodating army of unemployed youths who roam the streets very day searching for white collar jobs that never exist.

One young man, like few other adventurous young Nigerians, has taken destiny in his own hands.He has changed the ugly narrative of the employment situation in Nigeria by instead of waiting endlessly for a white collar job which in the process of the long wait, could be induced in engaging in things untoward, his taken to entrepreneurial adventures.

Godfrey Okoroafor, a native Isialandu Autonomous Community in Obingwa local government area of Abia State, after the compulsory youth service incorporated UgoSmart Enterprise.

The enterprise is involved in the installation and maintenance of Close Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras. Okoroafor's business endeavours also extends to installation and maintenance of solar sources of power such as home solar, solar refrigerator,solar boreholes.

Okoroafor's UgoSmart enterprise alsoengage in industrial cleaning fumigation and pest control.

Responding to the philosophy behind his entrepreneurship, Okoroafor enthused"  my entrepreneurship ambition is driven by my desire to create jobs instead of a job seeker ".

Okoroafor has converted his 17 UNIPORT Road Ozuoba by Akpor Town Hall off NTA Road, Rivers State office to a Mecca of sort, where youths come to acquire one skill or the other.


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