The Man I Killed

By Jude Umoren 9 months ago

Had he and I but met

By some old ancient inn

We would have drank till it got late

Discussing everything heard and seen


But he was a soldier fighting for the enemy 

He shot at me and I at him

No time for resolution likewise the remedy 

Everything could have been avoided in a forest so green 


That's the rule of WAR that can never be rebuild.

I wasn't ready to face the negative results. 

It's either you kill or you get killed.

It was battle otherwise it could have been an assault 


I'm going to the inn now but the seat will be empty 

The man I could have drank with is the man I killed 

Everything is meaningless now, even the award of bravery 

But if I was in his place, DEAD, my dreams of coming home wouldn't have been fulfilled 


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