The Madman (Part 3)

By Julius Topohozin 8 months ago

The incident became a sensation in the newspapers the following day. The Headliner newspaper, one of the leading newspaper in the country captioned it:MADMAN SHUTS DOWN SOCIETY WEDDING. Late Chief Owolabi's daughter's wedding was thrown into pandemonium when a madman ran into the venue putting a stop to the wedding. The said madman according to eye witness was being pursued by a dog and some people when the latter stole a bread from a vender to satisfy his hunger. He ran into the church to escape being attacked. The identity of the madman is not yet ascertained but investigation is still ongoing. Our correspondent disclosed that the supposed madman communicated intelligently when he was examined and questioned by the psychiatrists who certified him sane and in his right senses but he disclosed his inability to remember anything except that he ran into the church and suddenly realised his condition. Mrs Hildah, wife of late Chief Owolabi and mother of the bride is not responding to treatment. She kept yelling incoherent statements and was sedated to control her blood pressure which has risen dangerously as at the time of filing this report. The bride is yet to recover from the shock but she is also at large in the hospital receiving medical attention.He spent hours on end in the bathroom where washed off as it were the madness of several years. He burst into tears at the fact that he was mad for God knows how many years. His entire world was in shambles. The fact that one regains his insanity is not enough guarantee that people would not tag his erstwhile condition with him. As the popular sayings goes:"madness doesn't end in a madman even though he regains his sanity. It was when one of the police officers who had brought him to the psychiatric hospital tapped the door that he realised he had not even ... read more

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