The Love I Live By

By Chinonyerem Great Ikedichukwu 4 months ago

Ointment for love the maker poured on you

For in you he poured out ideas of the new

Fire wide and starring to shew ye as a star

For without ye the globe endures scare


Wither and thither you go to give love 

Let the love you give come back

And find place in you.

People craved for your love like rain


But you say


"The moon dances in darkness so will I 

I catch my breath with love only in my eyes

Aiye to my master magnet



I once 'd diggen deep darkness

Hatred love I harken to harness

I see my flaws in the flowning of other

I seived my love with sight to live a life another

Imagination of the brokenness of hearts

endowed speed to solicite, like a lovely Hart


The aura of change in me remains nondescript to me

I can dance with wordings of sweet origin

The rhythm of the manuscript still retains my wheels and axle buskin'd

My instrument of terror wherein I dwell in I it's in and instil irritation in my innards


Lost in the complexity in calculus, my story

Amazing grace, amazing grace it is

Newton made his a new song 

I make mine with my lyrical tongue

Of the languages of my biological nation's tongues


'Sweet' the love I live by.

adun Ife ti mo n gbe

uto ihunanya m na- ebi

Dadi soyayyar fake rayuwata.


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