The Look

By Adesokan Abdulafeez 7 months ago


Looking across to them.

He saw his friend and the girl.

They weren't touching.

They were barely even talking.

But there was something

About them both

A glow

That showed

In the way they looked

At each other

Sheer adoration

And content at being together

Nothing else mattered

The world outside their table disappeared

They were just two people

Happy in each other's company

They were meant to be

And suddenly

Something tugged in ceejay's heart

A yearning

A longing

"If there's someone for everyone

Then where's mine?"

He soliloquised

He wanted so much

To have that

"Someone, who will be crazy about me

And I'll be mad about her

So we can be insane together."

He would give anything

Even just for a day

To have someone

Look at him that way.

(Excerpt from The Proposal)

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