The Lion Attitude

By Daniel Ajayi 6 months ago

The budded of trees

Wails for the king inborn

Heaven knows it-

Dealt a blow on earth

Furious vampires stem

From the very spot of birth

To challenge the gods of heresies


Mightiest offender of-

Grievous pains, in return

The bloody steam

Of victory scouted afar off


Inscribed in the forearm

Of vitality, bore in kingdom

Of souls, bravery moot in

Thy father’s land


It walked in a clean

Free of stingy stings

Eyes tearful in the

Very discipline of gold


Lest you know the

Bravery one

The attitude rekindles

the spirit of loneliness  


It brought thorns of

Happiness and sadness

In the hour of hunt night

Depleting every means

At his disposal

With contests gone all

On a regal attitude

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