The Language Of Music

By Great Ahams 6 months ago


Music lessons
Life is an unpleasant  sound if not lived well(noise),  and a pleasant sound well lived purposefully and successfully.

What your favorite music?

Hmm don't tell me that is in your mind!!!!

Okay let me mention it!!
Shape of you
Girls like you

Wow I got you baby!!!
Ain't I a genius...........?

Are you a vocalist?

You don't repeat what someone else has done instead you do a different thing in other to be successful  and unique.

Are you getting tired of reading man?

Okay pick up your phone and put on the earphone and listen to girls Like you.

You enjoyed it right!!  Welcome back on board!!!

Is your life a single note C?  Hmm!!  That is so boring you need E to be fun,  are You happy with only having E. No you need G to give it a meaning,  wow I'm becoming successful I need B to retain my success.

A chord is played to give a sweet harmony and to make the tonic free from boredom. Life is meaningless when you do things alone but meaningful  when lived with someone special.

Like the popular proverbs "two 👋 👋  are better than one".

We are moving forward right!!!?
Please can I ask you a question what instrument do you love?
🎻 Violin
Saxophone 🎷
🎹 Piano
🎸 Guitar
Okay I get you now,  you love percussion right like jazz drums.

Do you know I am a violinist,  I love my violin and I 💋 kiss my violin.

Violin is so funny you get a sweeter sound when you apply vibration (vibrato) and also sustained notes.
Life is same dear,  your life get better when life shakes you left and right and later sustains your problems which at the end it gives your life a meaning.

When the  hand moves the bowl up and down in other to touch the strings of the violin  so that it produces sound that pleases  the ear. So is how life moves you up and down in other for you to touch others life and make the world sweet place to live in.
Wow I am falling in love with this book bro!!!

Why are you in a haste who is competing with you man?
Like I would tell my Tammy baby,  the piano 🎹 is like the stair case you make sure you step on every step on the stair case, it step by step journey would lead you to your destination.
When the parts of a violin is disjoint,  the violin tends to be useless. When you tend to leave the right people in your life, your life tends to become useless and meaningless.
Always associate  yourself with the right persons and right people.
Who is your friend?
Hmm!!  I see!!
He is not your friend!  He tells you kelvin you are a fucking asshole!  You have an empty  brain box!.
So kelvin who is now your friend?
Yes!!  Yes!! He is
He tells you kelvin do you know you are a great singer,  I believe in you so much.

The starting point in the learning process of a musical instrument always seems hard,  but it Just requires consistency in practice and learning that would make one better. So is life!!  The starting point of every business is always rough and filled with much lost, bit with consistency and hardwork it attains to a greater height.
Are you tired?!!!
Okay move around a little and come back to continue our discussion.
Welcome back sir!!!
A piano can't do what a keyboard can do but it is more expensive than the keyboard.  You might not have so much skills like your peers but you can worth more than them, that is having your unique selling point.

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