The Keg Of Gunpowder

By IBE, Ikechukwu 4 months ago

The Keg of Gunpowder! 

The younger generation have watched

And still watching how we are celebrating insanity, 

How we are applauding madness... 

They have seen the street becoming survival of the fittest. 

They have seen western education, 

Becoming a plague in this part of the world. 

They are seeing that religion is now the masses' opium[Karl Marx] 

As its intentional purpose is weathering out. 

They are bewildered about political party being the

Coming together of the many for the  gain of the few 

The measure of value[money] to them is becoming

More appreciative than their lives! Oh! 

They don't know what to believe in anymore... 

They are no more thrilled with all the volumes of

English we speak on different platforms. 

Mostly the ones we speak with confidence without evidence. 

They are ready to cut veins and contract muscles, just to survive 

They don't mind burning bridges and removing roofs to appear rich. 

We shouldn't wait until when they begin craving to birth in

Our own pool of blood in the broad day light 

You and I need to wake up and face the reality! 

Let's stop being euphemistical with truth and fact;

Let's stop making a spade appear like a shovel 

Let's take the bull, goat etc by the horn

And make this nation a better place of conviction & not confusion or delusion. 

We need to convince this young generation that hard work pays. 

We need to convince them holistically that God still exist! 

We need to make them see & value the necessity of western Education. 

[This can be achieved when we stop giving glorification to mediocrity, 

But instead meritocracy; when we allow the beauty of 'Education be seen] 


If we can't do all those and more completely for this younger


At least for the unborn generation. 

Only with a selfless, wholistic, realistic and pragmatic approach 

Can all these be achieved. 

Wake up! 

The keg of the gunpowder we all sit upon Is about to explode! 




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IBE, Ikechukwu
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