The Hunter And Maina

By Obidigwe Christy 9 months ago

Once upon a time,  there lived a hunter called Tod.  He lived all alone and by himself on the plains that dotted the north western part of the country.  He loved hunting ,especially for animals that brought lots of money such as the local bush rat and the well known wild pigeon .He had lost his parents when he was just twelve and had no close relatives.  He grew up having very little formal education, but having a very polished character, ingrained from his parents upbringing.  He had few friends,  and was always on his own.  

   When Tod turned Nineteen, he began to combine his hunting with selling and it was on one such occasions that he met Maina.  Maina was the first daughter of a nomadic merchant,  who came into the area every two months.  She usually accompanied her father to sell off his goods.  She did so whenever her formal education permitted.  

   When Maina got to understand Tod's  reasons for getting close, she became hostile and turned down every act of kindness he showed.  Her father was a very liberal person and refused to interfere directly. He however supervised her closely always. 

    Tod was distressed by her reaction and almost backed out when one fateful day on his way back from the woody plains, he met Maina and her father,  about to be maimed by a wild cow.  Her father's cart had broken wheels and he had no weopon on him.  Tod battled the wild cow with a huge tree branch,  before shooting it several times with his arrows and bow.  

    Maina was thankful and although she did not say it began to see Tod in a different light.  She had never wanted a man who had no formal education,  but Tod was somewhat different in many ways. 

Seven years later...

Tod got married to Maina.  He waited patiently for her until she was through with her formal education.  He had grown to love her more while he waited.  She had always been a woman with a unique personality he could not find in most young women around.  Though her mum was a bit skeptical about it,  but she later  came to accept him for who he was.  Most happy was her father who always wondered what would have been his lot if the wild cow had eventually attacked him that fateful day.  He always shivered at the thought of it and was thankful that a young 'bush' man , who loved his daughter despite all odds had saved the day. 

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