The Girl I Couldn't Love

By Jude Umoren 5 months ago

She and I were close but not like stores after 10 pm

She was an angel whenever we talked in the DM


She was fierce, if you happened to meet her for real

Then you'd gladly wish her bad side was just surreal


An introvert, she hated everyone that ever crossed her path

For this, I believed our friendship would never come apart


She was great yet her good qualities were engulfed by her bad ones

They say one day she'll change and that's what even her Dad wants


She told me about her feelings for me in ways I couldn't comprehend

That was really sad because honestly, I only loved her as a friend


She was furious at me, eventually our friendSHIP started to SINK

There was a change in her behavior yet I couldn't understand a thing


I wish she understood my reasons before proceeding to hate me too.

I could have made my motives known only if she had let me to.


To be sincere, I never dreamt of us ever being mere enemies.

So I took the responsibility of avoiding conflict by any means.


But I can't make my heart feel something it won't.

I can't pretend to love her when obviously, I don't.


I knew she'd be hurt eventually by the truth even if I had lied.

So I did what I did hoping that her feelings for me would die.


I just wish I had said things differently from the onset.

All I need is a chance to get back the bond we once shared.


Now I sit in solitude and she's the only thing I keep thinking of. 

Because she was my best friend, yet the girl I couldn't love. 

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