The Father's Love Takes Away The Deepest Pain

By Elizabeth Oladapo 6 months ago

Being derailed in self-guilt, I found myself lost and without hope.

How could I have made this mistake?

How could I have placed my hands in the fire?

I trusted him.


he claimed to be a man of God and all I wanted was to grow in God but instead, he took the very part of me I was not ready to share.

He took my innocence and left me in agony.

I dreaded laying with him.

I felt incomplete.

Suddenly, a voice called out to me saying "come and stay, you are precious".

I knew this voice, so I replied "no Lord, I am stained and unclean how can I still be precious to you?"

I heard him say again "I make all things new".

In that moment I fell helplessly in his love for me, that I may never recover.

Ohh, how I drowned in the very bosom of his love for me.

His love made me whole again.

I screamed to my circumstance "I am not alone, he's with me!"

Hours became days and then months and gradually there was no more pain and agony was missing.

 All that was left was my Father's love for me.

I am complete!

I am satisfied!

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