The Custodians Of Our Faith

By Adetayo Omotoyosi Adeolu 16 months ago

Have you heard
That there is a new Sheriff in town
Responsible for dress-Code of the citizens ?
They announce their presence by picking random guys on the streets
As if they were picking beans
Have you heard
That they have been voted the official custodian our our faith ?
They even won the world cup by emerging as the Nigeria's number one terrorists organisation 
Your days on earth are the ingredients they use to feed their ego
Your days are numbered in tandem with the bullets that ovulates through their vagina
Raining curses of hell on perceived cultists
The custodian of your faith just invented a new technology
What !
The technology allows then to know a Yahoo Boy and Cultist
Through their dreadlocks, tattoos, tagged boxers and big-cars
They have been voted the author and finisher of your faith by the conglomerate of corruption and bad leadership
Either behave yourself   
Be aborted through the hole of Iron
Which welcomes you with a kiss of bullets
And never be defiant or they will Kolade Johnson you
Count your days by the bribe you can give
Just like children gather stones when they play the Suwe game
When a Danfo-Driver tie a rope to your neck
Dragging you to your desti-nation
That is the time to offer your supplications during road block
If you refuse
Get ready to say your last prayer and hope the custodian of your faith accept them.



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