The Break Up

By Godwin Ebube 6 months ago

Lost it when I hurt you, 

When I didn't kiss you-

When your lips came close to me. 

Right there where you left me, 

I still feel you.


Over and out! 

This is how you want it now

And I'm fine, okay

That you're happy without me

But I wish you knew

I still love you. 


I can smile away the pains

And I pretend here again

That I don't think about you

Cause when you call

I say hello, and say hahaha

When I really want to

Kiss you, and say I love you.


I wish you spared me your love

But you killed it before the dawn

It's really hard to think you still care

Hahaha. For where?

It's just the sweet memories

That keeps me jealous of you.



The Break-up 

Is the tears flowing in my eyes, 

the attention stolen from me, 

the sad piano in my sleep, 

the jealousy of our romance, 

and you leaving me for good. 


Love pains.

Love cures. 


Local man is pained. 

But will be fine. 



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