The Blind Side

By Olatide Oluwadamilola 7 months ago

One minute I'm on my feet, the next I'm on a running bus

Don't remember the last time I stopped to take a deep breath

Time seems to be running out in the present world that I live in

But I am still here and I am not running out of time

Lately, I've been blindsided by what is outside than the inside

It's so foolish to think that the appearance can measure up to the matters of the heart

Well, I am done thinking and I will leave you to it while I try to take two steps away from my thoughts and two steps into the real deal

So tell me, how is it possible that things opposite each other are meant to be like water in the desert

How about a peacock with an ugly tail? Oops! That is nothing near to reality

What about, a shapeless lady with a sonorous voice

A tiny unkempt boy with an invisible strength

A fear-inducing man with a good heart

They don't know something good can come out of them

Not in this state

Not in this shape

Why? That is because they are blinded by what others say

The others are blinded by skin colours and shapes

They don't see the other side

They can't see it

It just in front of their eyes but they can't see the blind spot that makes them special

We should stop criticising others

What was I saying?

We should keep on criticizing them

It happens that amidst the discrimination, criticism there is someone out who can't just stand and watch

Someone who is willing to help uncover the blindside that many ain't seeing

I am done talking

Figure the rest yourself

I am also tired of the yelling and criticism myself...

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