The Black


In our land we are maltreated

Every youth is now a suspect 

The blacks in black are the insect

They never give a damn about respect

Violation of Fundamental human rights

By those established to protect our rights


To see a youth driving a car,

He must be a yahoo boy or a gangstar 

Success of we youths becomes a crime

In the eyes of those that are to stop the crime

Wearing a crazy jean becomes an offence

In this regard, there must be a defence


Hair style has become the yard stick 

To measure guiltiness outside the court

For this, I belong to a cult

No more prosecution

All we face is persecution


Ammunition accuired to protect our lives

Is now what they scare us with

Our lives they threaten with gun

In the hands of who shall we be safe?

You know we are the future of tomorrow

But let me say this to the world

The police are not our friends

They are just like some of your girl friends





©Ridwan Sulaiman Adeshina

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