All We Need For Christmas

By Agatha Johnson 4 months ago

All we need is

for peace within us

for joy with us

for love in our hearts

for growth in us

for strength in our bones

for understanding among us

for blessings on us

for favor between us

for patience in our blood

for forgiveness without end

for happiness that has no bounds

for care that lives in every fibre of our being

for unity among us


As with these our needs,

knowledge and wisdom would be our language

violence will lose its face among us

rape will walk away from the hearts of the youths

kidnapping will be soulless

robbery will be handless

fraud will be penniless

accidents will not visit our roads

sorrows will be fearless

poverty will not be in our dictionary

failure will have no eyes

anger would have no brain

Death will be a journey of celebration

And we shall live as one big happy family

Not only this season but always

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Agatha Johnson
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